Welcome to bullyland.

PLEASE NOTE: As of the end of April 2010 No Bully For me will be a static site.We will not be adding new content and will do little if any updating or maintenance.

We will also be removing our contact information, and implementing an ‘autoresponder’ at our former email address.

We are simply too swamped with the volume of contacts and requests for personal help. There are only two of us and we don’t have enough time to volunteer, and to offer the level of service and response we know that people are looking for.


We are keeping the site running as we believe there is some useful and important information contained within these pages.

For those who (thanks so much) responded to our survey, we will be using the figures in a press release and report, and will also put a summary of the figures on this site.

In solidarity, and with respect, Stephen and Karen, April 2010.



Valued Partners Against Bullying Include:

Frodislaw.ca – Toronto Family Lawyers 

Matco.ca – Moving Company Calgary

Topnotchmovers.ca – Edmonton Movers

Leland Sandler – https://twitter.com/lelandsandler